How To Embrace The Not-Self: The Story Of Wholeness

Monday, June 17, 2013

How To Embrace The Not-Self
The Story of Wholeness
by Eve Care

This past week has taught me alot about emotional charges and how these - sometimes very, very subtle – situations, events, or conditions can create a resentment or a judgment or something to that effect, from the lower self, that may be so mild that it is subtle and not really felt at the time. But over time these little "bits" of mild resentment or judgment build up and when the pile is almost at the top, the one thing that happens that brings it all the way to the top is the one that you have to deal with because it's at that point that the "file drawer" is open and all the files are in front of you so it is quite likely you will experience a MUCH greater charge off the "top file" that's added to the pile, than you would something that was only put on top of the pile half-way up to the top.

So - and those are my words, "a pile of files" because that's how it really felt to me - that the last thing was put on top and then presto - they were all in front of me. It brings to mind the saying, "I've had it up to here," making a hand gesture that signals a level by or above the head.

And so, with this experience (which is brand new to me), I've discovered a way to manage the energy of this experience with the help of Beloved Saint Germain and also the Oneness Blessing experience.

I was in the middle of receiving a Oneness Blessing and I was experiencing my Divine, and It told me, rather it SHOWED me, what was happening. It told me the story of Wholeness in a concentrated effort within less than a few seconds.

The story of Wholeness is really about One Being, and all that It Is, and all that It thinks It is.

All that It thinks It Is are the many forms that It sees, yet It really knows the truth; that It Is Whole. It Is One Being.

However, this Being is SO advanced that It was able to develop a consciousness that could perceive Itself from outside of the Truth of Its Wholeness; It's Oneness.

But this consciousness was not intended to forget It's Whole Self; it was never intended for It to forget the Truth.

But It did. And so, the One Being, still retaining the Truth in the rest of Its consciousness, decided to be Patient and encourage the rest of It's consciousness to remember the Truth, that It Is Whole.

And it is likened to a hand or a foot falling asleep. It knows that it is part of the rest of the body, but it doesn't "feel" it is part of the rest of the body due to the nature of sitting in a static position for so it forgot that it had life in it and didn't move around.

This is like the mind. If it is dormant and does not engage the Truth of the Life within its being, it very well can become static and lose a sense of purpose because it is not active in the way that the One Being intends for all Its forms to be.

So this went on for awhile, and sometimes the forms would remember and start to come back into the Activity of the One Being. Then the One Being was SO HAPPY about this because then the One Being could do more things and create more Life, and could make Life happier with the expansion of Its very own Gift of Love, which is Eternal.

God created Life to feel Love and for that Love to expand within Its forms so that It could experience Cosmic Oneness with everything. (And this goes beyond what we understand as the "Cosmos!")

So the Being was Happy but also Patient, and just allowed the rest of Its Self to do whatever It was doing, knowing that the rest of Itself would awaken one day to the whole Truth of Its Being.

And today, many have arrived at this point.

Now that there are many forms of the One Being who know the Truth, yet still feel and experience the rest of the forms who are still awakening (or have yet to) to our One Self, have to exercise a new muscle in dealing with energy that we are clearing for the rest of the many of our One forms.

So, the One Being recommends:

1-Be Still. Be Silent. Be Patient. And Be Still, and Silent, for as long as it takes for the truth to surge forth within you.

2-When the truth bubbles up, notice how it instantly the energy begins to ease.

3-Engage a thought form like the Maypole.

~*~ See the maypole, the ball on top - imagine that is the Source of the One Being. That is the Godhead, so to speak. See the streamers coming down as the golden cords of life, streaming into the people, connecting them with Source. Now, know you are One with the Source, and feel your One Self connecting to the many forms through those cords. Now radiate Love from the standpoint of Oneness with Source to all the life streams going around the maypole. Feel your Wholeness. Feel everyone connecting. ~*~

4-Now, know there is nothing else.

Know that:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

When we are at peace, then we can navigate divine activity correctly and manifest our divine plans.
In this way, we stay on track.

This is the work of the ages. 

The End…

The Beginning....

In Loving Oneness,

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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