Owning The Issue

Monday, May 20, 2013

Owning The Issue
By Eve Care

When people say to "own" an issue, in truth no one really 'owns' any issues- because from the oneness perspective it is a planetary story and not a personal one. As such, one can only "own up" to taking responsibility for allowing the planetary story to become personal, thereby accepting the fact that they personalized something that kept them in duality consciousness and that they haven’t really made things better by continuing to participate with the energies that do not serve one's highest good.

Thus, the 'ownership' of an issue is really the just being responsible for what one has allowed into their being and world, and has believed to be real and important, thereby giving it energy to live and act like it was real in there being and world.

Further, ownership is then accepting the responsibility of what one has allowed to occur - whether consciously or unconsciously - whether aware or unaware - whether intentional or unintentional - and realizes that there is a correction to be made. A willingness to make things right, to set things straight, is what happens when one 'owns' something. It is really saying, 'ok I know this happened, I am willing to look deeper to do the work necessary, take responsibility for my role and forgive myself and whoever else may have played a role in the outpicturing of it' and then proceeds to fulfill that desire in Oneness with Divine Will.

When the Divine Will is engaged in Oneness with the Qualities of Love and Wisdom, the Honor Flame begins expanding through the 3-fold flame in the heart. It literally causes expansion and as a result, quickens the acceleration of conscious awareness.

Ownership of something is not personal; it is individual, yet on a planetary scale. In Oneness, there is only One doing what is being done, and there is only One to forgive what has been done, and herein lies the freedom that all long for.

In the many forms that we as One are, can we not see that what One feels, all feel? In Oneness, there is no separation of thought or feeling; it is incomprehensible to think that the One Holy Spirit, the I AM Presence of each of us, Who is already One with God, could have separate thought or feeling from God,

It always comes back to God, because God is all there is. Additionally, it can be said that the Energy of God is all there is, but then, how is it possible to know what all the energy of God is? Does it need to look alive or like it has some form of nature to it to constitute that there is a Life Force in it? In truth all matter and substance has some form of vibration, or it would cease to be. So it can then be said that the many who we are as One Being has been acting upon the many as the One Being we are without realizing that we are the many who are the One we have been waiting for.

So it's time to let the planetary story go, and allow the One Being who we are to come forth through each of us and own the things we have accepted into our beings and worlds, take responsibility for the roles each of us as One have played, and then forgive whatever part of the One we all are and set more of us free, including the liberation of your own part of the One we all are.

The more we liberate from the story of duality consciousness, the more each of us will have the opportunity to step into the true reality of the Oneness we all are, and fulfill our divine plans without further ado.

What say you?

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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