The Experiential Journeys: The Ride North

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Experiential Journeys
The Ride North
By Eve Care

I've recently been prompted to begin a small series of entries called "The Experiential Journeys," which involves using the Teachings of the I AM Presence that I practice every day when encountering certain individuals, activities, situations in the outer world, and wherever some part of Life may be presenting Itself to me for my attention.

Inspired to begin writing this series, my first encounter begins just recently on a day that I noticed how amazing my Divine Flow was, all day long. Now, mind you, I don't generally get a sense of it being so NOTICEABLE that it really grasps my attention because there is a really consistent charge of joyous energy flowing through me when going about my daily activities. On this day in particular though, it did, and I noticed how very joyous I was - flowing from one activity to the next, effortlessly - doing errands in town, here and there. Everything was completely in alignment and synchronistically flowing and it felt very "right on time" and consistent - without interruption or delay. (On a "normal" day (laugh), I AM in the flow, yet the charge of joy is more of a consistent peaceful, harmonious fluid feeling of contentment accompanied by feeling aligned with exactly what I AM being prompted and guided to do every step of the way.)

After completing errands on this day, I was ready to return home, when I saw a young man with one of those huge camping backpacks and another bag under his arm, walking up the road by the freeway entrance north, he had his hand out. I was prompted to pull over and ask him where he was headed, then I saw two others with him - another young male and a young female – also with large backpacks and bags in hand. They were 'headed north, as far north as you are going - we're trying to get up to Oregon' he said. I paused for a moment, knowing I was not intending to go north at all; I wanted to preserve the gas in the car and felt that staying local was more in alignment with what I was doing. So I told him that I wasn't actually traveling north on the freeway and basically wanted to know if they needed a ride somewhere else in Shasta, as I would have gladly taken them to wherever they were going in Shasta. So I waved him on and sent blessings his way, and I was about my regular course.

I made a u-turn on the next street up, and came back around to the gas station across the street from the freeway entrance. I still felt I wasn't done though, and not to head home yet. So I pulled over, turned off the engine, and proceeded to clear my energy fields and tune in for revelation.

"Take them to Weed," my Presence said.

Weed is the next town north of Mt. Shasta, and I felt confident in this prompting. I asked if I needed to get gas. I heard, "No." So with that, I re-arranged my groceries in the back seat, put some in the trunk and made as much room as possible for the three young travelers, and proceeded toward the freeway entrance. I heard again, "If they are still there, take them to Weed." And I felt a very strong charge of energy flow through me as I came around the bend. There they were, standing there like they had been waiting for me to pull up all along!

I told them I could take them as far north as the next town which is Weed, and they were ecstatic to be 'getting out of Shasta and on their way' that they couldn't get in the car fast enough. The younger male and female sat in the back while the one whom I originally greeted sat in the front passenger seat.

As we headed onto the freeway, the young female introduced herself and then each of us all followed her lead until we had all officially greeted. She then shared that I had just restored her faith in humanity by actually coming back out of my way to pick them up even though I wasn't going north in my travels that day. It was at that moment when I knew that this wasn't about giving them a ride. Anyone going north could have picked them up to do that. But my task was different; I had no plans on going north. But I was STRONGLY PROMPTED to ask them where they were going, and then to go clear my fields and tune into this opportunity - I wanted to make sure that if this was something that "I" was supposed to do, I wanted to do so and follow the Divine Plan coming forth through me.

"The Presence always delivers," is a statement I have heard Saint Germain (G) say to me often. I've adapted it as one of my own little reminders that lets me know I'm on track. I was reminded of that statement after hearing her speak about her faith.

There have been many opportunities over the past few years since living in Oregon and then moving to Mt. Shasta for me to pick up travelers either in town, by the freeway entrance or on the freeway itself. Each time I would feel into it and then ask, I would hear, "No." And that would keep me going, sending blessings their way by making a call to the Presence to see to it that the individual was safe and would get to their destination safely, and for the correct individual to be sent to them to transport them wherever they were going safely as well. Basically calling in the highest good for that individual's situation and all concerned and involved with it.

This was the first time I was ever prompted to pick up travelers, and I felt so wonderful to be granted the opportunity with a great positive charge on this, and knew that I was doing something that was necessary; something within me knew that I had answered 'their' call to the Presence within their hearts.

The young male in the back seat then began to speak about how he had just recently made some pretty big mistakes in trying to get around, and listening to people who were giving him bad advice. I responded by sharing with him about tuning into his heart for the truth and not to think about the answer, but do what feels right in his heart. He, as well as the other two passengers, seemed to fall silent as I was speaking, and I felt their energy was low. They all could have easily fallen asleep on that 15-minute trip within minutes after boarding the caravan, so to speak.

I knew that the Presence was working, and the Masters were able to radiate through me whatever spiritual nourishment each of them needed at the time, as I held space for each of them to come into their center. I could feel the flame of peace and tranquility enter the whole car’s atmosphere.

When we reached the destination town of Weed, for which I promised I could deliver them to, they exited the car very grateful. The passenger asked me if I has a few extra chips or a small snack I could offer him. I went around to the packages in the back of the car and handed him a bag of Oatmeal Raisin cookies which I had just purchased back in town. (Mind you, when I was shopping, I had no desire for the cookies, yet was prompted to purchase them and have them available!)

He was so grateful he gave me a great big hug. Then the female hugged me and the other male hugged me too. I felt like "mom" for a moment – and like I had just taken care of 'my' siblings.

And in fact, I had. I AM the Divine Female caring for all of God's Children.

And so it is!

(On the way home I heard, "Very Good!" and "Well Done!" I knew right then and there that I had just surpassed myself in some way.)

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Embracing Surrender

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embracing Surrender
By Eve Care

What does surrender look like?

It is the woman who drives home from a long day of work, and passes by a beautiful mountain, lake, meadow or park, on her way. Today she suddenly feels a draw to pull over and go into the meadow and sit for awhile, or walk in the park, or gaze up at the mountain, and sit in awe while watching the sunset for awhile.

This, is a giving into nature - the draw of what is real from what is unreal around us - to the Divine that is the Life Force permeating this earth and all things within it, through it and around it. By doing this, she becomes transformed in that moment, for she is connected with a part of the Divine that has been trying to get her attention as a way to come through as inspiration which leads to a greater sense of well-being, and in that seed of inspiration contains the plans and all the how-to’s to bring forth that inspiration and make it a tangible reality.


It is the man who stops on his lunch break while eating at the office again to notice the photos of his family on his desk and suddenly a feeling comes over him to call home and perhaps take the afternoon off and take his family to the lake or out to dinner, or to cook an early dinner with his wife and kids and watch a joyful movie together.

This, is an opportunity to embrace the moment with what is most meaningful in one's life, and discovers that as this is paid attention to, relationships grow stronger and are more thriving.


It is the person who loves to walk to work and is always on time, when one day there is an elderly woman crossing the street and the person walking sees the light is about turn and she is not all the way across. A feeling sweeps over the person to put their hand up and go to the woman and help her finish walking across the street while holding the traffic at bay, while never giving a second thought about being on time or how this will affect their schedule for the day.

This is where surrender and Divine Will meet. It is the loving will of the divine that comes forth and says "I Will assist this person and care for their well-being right now." This is a feeling that is so strong coming forth through someone in the moment that it cannot be ignored... it's a "take charge" feeling where you know you're the only one available who can move into action at a particular moment and help another person in that moment. The feeling is a forceful sense of Will, Strength, Courage and Power combined that generates the feeling that the statement 'YES! I CAN DO THAT AND I WILL DO THAT RIGHT NOW!" is what follows that feeling.


It is the artist who stops thinking about what they are going to paint next, and or what they want to do with their art, and takes the day off to be still in a peaceful setting and tunes into their heart to discover what is waiting to come forth within them, and stops all thinking about it in order for true inspiration to emerge.

This is the feeling that one has when one is accustomed to doing a certain type of work - writing, painting, drawing, singing - whatever artistic or creative type of work that one is doing has been continuous for awhile and now all of a sudden there is no inspiration. This type of surrender is allowing it to be OK that all of a sudden there is nothing there moving them to be creative.

This is another opportunity - to realize that whatever has been coming through may be complete, and something new is about to emerge to be created, yet one must get still with whatever it is that is about to come through, and be either in nature or somewhere that it is appropriate for them to meditate for awhile, and just be. Be: grateful for what has come forth, be willing to let go of it and be open to receiving what is new, what is about to come forth.


It is the lawyer who puts down his or her briefcase and becomes a heart-centered life coach because they feel more instrumental in someone's life as a result - and also feel more fulfilled because of the rewarding feeling that comes from helping others authentically from the heart and not the mind to a better place.

Here is another example of surrender meets Divine Will. The surrender to leaving a profession that is no longer fulfilling, to having the strength, courage and power to change and go to one that is fulfilling, but in ways one could not foresee had they not surrendered it first.


Surrender is important because it takes us from a place in life that we thought was real, and uplifts us to a higher level of being, if we allow it.

As such, there are many types of surrender. Some have been mentioned above. There is instant surrender, when a sudden feeling comes over you or sweeps through you in a sort of a "gush" and compels you to do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do, but in that moment, you "surrender" to the feeling because it is an overwhelming feeling that compels you to stop whatever it is you are doing and pay attention to something that is more important than the ordinary routine you may find yourself in.

Another type of surrender is to a way of life. This entails leaving a job for another profession that one may feel drawn to do, and the feeling to do that profession is so profound and overwhelming that it begins to feel very uncomfortable to be in the same position any longer, and the feeling to change positions becomes so strong that it feels like there is no other choice to make; the feeling is almost as if the decision has already been made on some level of one's being and all one needs to do is follow the feeling of what is coming forth, as long as it is true within their heart and the desire is there to move forward with it, then they will be successful.


What does it feel like to surrender?

It is when the Power of Love overcomes the Love of is when the desire to be One overrides the desire to be apart any is when the human will recognizes its true Love because it has allowed itself to be embraced by the Divine Love. Thus, True Surrender is the allowance - the desire for the true Love to Live within and then proceeds to express this true Love through its vehicles of energy, substance and form.

Surrender is something that happens when the human will meets the Divine Will, and because of its desire to be whole again, graciously allows itself to melt into one with the Divine Will, which is exactly what the Divine Will desires ~ that Oneness with all Its parts and aspects - for It, too, feels a greater expansion of wholeness as the human will and the Divine Will dance in oneness once again, for therein that oneness lies the opportunity to expand further....this merging is an expansion in itself, for as one plus one = 2 (the expansion) the two become One in the merging and expand as a whole rather than 2 individual parts. Thus, one + one = ONE.

Embracing Surrender

Surrender is not easy for a strong human will to embrace, for it struggles against the merging of itself out of fear that it will lose its identity; and in truth, it actually gains the truth in that it discovers its very own God self aspect when it surrenders.

To embrace surrender is to acknowledge that what is there is trying to hold on and that the Divine Will has become so strong within the individual that It no longer struggles against itself to keep the illusion of separation alive; it completely beholds the ideal of its greater self in Oneness and understands what it means to give up of its activity; for it knows not that it is God, yet. With this understanding, it can be said that the human will must admit with deepest humility of heart that it has nothing of its own...and this is the most difficult thing to embrace, if one is not ready to see the truth.

When one is ready to see this, it will be a graceful surrender, for only then can Oneness truly be achieved. When Oneness prevails, it is because the activity of separation is found to be no longer serving in the individual's life, being and world, and desires something greater to come forth - it desires to be more than what it is, and discovers that it can no longer get there on its own steam, for it recognizes that its "steam" comes from the Divine...the Force of Energy that is the cause for all Life to be. And this Divine Life Energy is what desires more of Itself to expand and grow throughout the Cosmos, to create more systems of worlds, to expand Its consciousness, Its Love, Its Joy, and express these and countless Divine Qualities in true Freedom in the Universe and beyond.

When you embrace surrender, you find yourself and your life instantly transformed by the Power of the Oneness of All That Is.

Eternal Surrender

Eternal Surrender happens when one desires to be in this Oneness with God all the time, and does not allow the vehicles of their being - energy, substance and form - to be pulled down by a denser vibration or (s)lower energies. In this vibration, only the Light is recognized and nothing else is paid attention to any longer. This is the way that leads to the perfect outpicturing of the Light Body or Higher Self through the energy, substance and form of that being.

When one makes a decree for something, the call for whatever the decree states is always answered - so if you call for eternal perfection to reign supreme in your being in world, then you will be required to surrender to what is necessary for you to attain that which you are calling for! However, decrees and affirmations work only when you accept what you are calling for into your being and world.

For example, if you call for better health, but you are not ready to listen to what you need to change in order to have better health, then chances are you will continue the pattern until you are willing to listen (from within) to what changes need to take place, and trust also that the information flowing from within you is correct and to move forward with that information in order to see those changes take effect.

Eternal surrender means living in the frequency of true love all the time, and not accepting anything less. It is the recognition that this oneness with God is what is most important and the intention to be that frequency and then share it with others so that they too may know this oneness. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan, one individual surrendering at a time.

What are you eternally surrendered to?

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Owning The Issue

Monday, May 20, 2013

Owning The Issue
By Eve Care

When people say to "own" an issue, in truth no one really 'owns' any issues- because from the oneness perspective it is a planetary story and not a personal one. As such, one can only "own up" to taking responsibility for allowing the planetary story to become personal, thereby accepting the fact that they personalized something that kept them in duality consciousness and that they haven’t really made things better by continuing to participate with the energies that do not serve one's highest good.

Thus, the 'ownership' of an issue is really the just being responsible for what one has allowed into their being and world, and has believed to be real and important, thereby giving it energy to live and act like it was real in there being and world.

Further, ownership is then accepting the responsibility of what one has allowed to occur - whether consciously or unconsciously - whether aware or unaware - whether intentional or unintentional - and realizes that there is a correction to be made. A willingness to make things right, to set things straight, is what happens when one 'owns' something. It is really saying, 'ok I know this happened, I am willing to look deeper to do the work necessary, take responsibility for my role and forgive myself and whoever else may have played a role in the outpicturing of it' and then proceeds to fulfill that desire in Oneness with Divine Will.

When the Divine Will is engaged in Oneness with the Qualities of Love and Wisdom, the Honor Flame begins expanding through the 3-fold flame in the heart. It literally causes expansion and as a result, quickens the acceleration of conscious awareness.

Ownership of something is not personal; it is individual, yet on a planetary scale. In Oneness, there is only One doing what is being done, and there is only One to forgive what has been done, and herein lies the freedom that all long for.

In the many forms that we as One are, can we not see that what One feels, all feel? In Oneness, there is no separation of thought or feeling; it is incomprehensible to think that the One Holy Spirit, the I AM Presence of each of us, Who is already One with God, could have separate thought or feeling from God,

It always comes back to God, because God is all there is. Additionally, it can be said that the Energy of God is all there is, but then, how is it possible to know what all the energy of God is? Does it need to look alive or like it has some form of nature to it to constitute that there is a Life Force in it? In truth all matter and substance has some form of vibration, or it would cease to be. So it can then be said that the many who we are as One Being has been acting upon the many as the One Being we are without realizing that we are the many who are the One we have been waiting for.

So it's time to let the planetary story go, and allow the One Being who we are to come forth through each of us and own the things we have accepted into our beings and worlds, take responsibility for the roles each of us as One have played, and then forgive whatever part of the One we all are and set more of us free, including the liberation of your own part of the One we all are.

The more we liberate from the story of duality consciousness, the more each of us will have the opportunity to step into the true reality of the Oneness we all are, and fulfill our divine plans without further ado.

What say you?

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What Is A Teaching?

What Is A Teaching?
by Eve Care

Since everything is known and there can be nothing that is unknown to the Awakened One, then why is a Teaching necessary, if there is truly nothing to learn, and there is only a process of unlearning?

There is an answer...

The Teaching, is not really trying to tell you something that you don't already know. Teaching, is more of what is known as Illumination or Enlightening of the mind, for only the mind needs to unlearn what it has been taught. Everything else is at ease.

So why is it called Teaching? Shouldn't it be called Un-teaching or Un-learning?

There is an answer...

Since teaching is really pointing the way, and unlearning is really understanding that all which has been perceived or experienced as untrue (which is NOT as the image and likeness of God, and all things good and beautiful that God has intended for His children to experience), then the truth is that which Illumines the way out of the unreality or the maze of the mind.

It is the Illumined finger pointing in a direction. That direction is into the present moment. The present moment is always happening right now, and is not found anywhere in the perception of the mind that views a "before" or an "after." This is timelessness, and it is also synonymous with oneness.

The pointing then, can be likened to a teaching...something that shows the way or direction - to the truth - and the way to the truth is found by becoming aware of something that is in alignment with your Life, like following the harmony of a pretty tune being sung by a bird on your windowsill, or by a simple happy sound like a baby laughing, or the tranquil sound of ocean waves ebbing and flowing. The truth, then, is found in the present moment, and there you meet as One with your Presence: this is where you become real – where your authentic Presence is present. And it is where you become real that you are then one with what "is." 

What is the "is?"

The answer is, the "is" is what is real. Thus, nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.* Only in the moment - the present - can this be found. 


So you see, there is always Divine Direction occurring, and this is where the teaching originates from. The Presence is always trying to get you present! And It always has Its “I” on “U.” The “U”niverse is unfolding by Divine Will, because there is a plan, and it is called Life. God desires Life - It's own Life! - to expand - these are the children of God. All beings are children of the Life of God, and therefore are God-Essence-Magnificence due to the Essence of God that each one is - and each one is an I-S - an IS-ness of God, for God - plain and simply - IS.

*Again, "Nothing REAL can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."

If everyone got still enough to experience the peacefulness of the present moment, there would be monumental planetary awakening, for all the things that have no value would pass away - it would be the death of the unreal (which does not exist anyway) and the unlearning could be likened to a great Light coming forth, for the shadow of ignorance (the sleeping dreamer) would also pass away and there would cease to be a dream....for nothing unreal could ever be sustained for eternity - all things not of Life must pass away.

Life is naturally Joyful, Loving, Blissful, Peaceful, Beautiful, and all things that are Good.

Life exists because of these qualities. Death must come for qualities that are contrary to Life. All that is unlife-like, must pass away - for Life would not accept anything less than Itself for It desires to expand Itself - and so more Life can be created. Life does not wish Itself to perish, and for It could not anyway, since It is already born eternal.

As such, the teaching points one into the present moment, and the present moment contains the truth, and the truth sets one free of all that is not real, and allows one the opportunity to finally live Life forever if one but chooses wisely.

They Key to Living Forever? It is only the desire for what is real - for the truth - and then when one finds that truth in the present - and accepts it - accepts the reality of their own God-Nature - can one be truly free, and as such, eternal life can and does ensue.

The next time you are at a crossroads and don't understand what has happened, look for the Illumined Finger Pointing the Way to the present moment, and come back to your center. There you will find revelation as the truth is revealed to you.


Pointing the way explains what the teaching is, but now there is another question: HOW do you know what the way is, and which way to go?

There is an answer...

The "How" is in the "Way." And "How" exactly is that?

The "Way" is the direction in which one must go to the present. So if there is something there that the mind is trying to create (which the mind can't really do - it only just loops and plays back story  for the mind has nothing new or original of its own - it can only re-act, it does not "act" on its own) to get you to pay attention to its own little will...then there is an opportunity for one to see what is there and to go deeply into it. After all, it's only an old tape being played to get attention so the smaller will/lower self/ego can be "right" again and have a little longer Lifespan, which it just TOOK from you because you ALLOWED it to have its way again, instead of participating with the opportunity that was being afforded you to see.

Every time you allow the ego to have its way, you give life to death, and allow some of your own energy - life force- to pass away, and take on the appearance of the unreal. it really is that simple.

And when you engage opportunities to heal that which must pass away, and make the effort to transmute the energy by some technique of forgiveness to resolve the conflict with whatever is there, then you forego death and allow Life to come forth, and all of a sudden, a few weeks, months, or years come off of your appearance because you just gave Life the opportunity to become more eternal through you. Since Life is Eternal, It will Live Eternally through you, if you allow it. On the other hand, if it is the lower self that keeps being fed, it is that which is unreal that which you will become, and as such, the unreal will take you with it when it passes away. Yet your soul will once again rejoin with the Oneness of God through that transition, and you will be afforded the opportunity to return and set things right next Lifetime.

One need not do that though - pass through the transition called "death" - for as we already have discussed, we know that Life is eternal and cannot be threatened.



Only in the present moment can true source energy come through you which is the authenticity of the GodLife within you, which knows It can fulfill Its Divine Plan through you, AS you act in the moment; the GodLife you are cannot authenticate Itself in the past or the future, for there is no Life in either perception. There is only repetition, and God does not replicate. God only creates. It is mankind who mimics.

And so, true reality exists only when one is present, and in the present moment. In the present moment, the Presence of one's true self can be engaged and brought forth. As long as there are no thoughts trying to take the attention away from what is real, then the Divine Plan cannot falter. Only when one allows their attention to be taken away from what is authentically in the Divine Flow of the moment can the progress of the Great Divine Plan be impeded

Yet the Great Divine Plan does not cease; it is only when (s)lower thoughts of perceived "time" are engaged does it delay progress - and that is because the unreal has been engaged. When the unreality is engaged within one's self, it is slowing the progress of the reality because it is focused on the illusion of story and not of the reality of the moment.

It's like a child reading a storybook; the child is so absorbed in the story when meanwhile the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day and there are plenty of things to do and be experienced, but the child is too wrapped up in the story and so it sits inside the house not venturing out to see what is present for them to create, and allows them self to get so absorbed into the story that the child loses all sense of the day's activities and potential that could come forth and as such, misses an opportunity to expand the perfection of life that God has intended for His child to experience and revel in!

This is the "way" of the mind; it is the training of one's self to become unreal, to pass away, to be no more. Yet, it realizes not that the Life within the being of this mind is the same energy that animates the mind.....the mind doesn't realize it has nothing of its lives not on its own...and this is why it needs to feed the story to you, because it needs you to pay attention to its pages in order that it might live another day within you, and carry out its own plan of living the unreality because its knows not what it thinks it knows.

And now that you know the truth, you might say that you have been taught how to unlearn what is not real and just be in the moment, for that is where you will find what is real. There is no actual direction that the Illumined Finger Points to, for that is a metaphor for the one Truth, and that is - You cannot truly change who you are, you can only awaken to who you are, and when you do, you will see that it is really only one of us who has been here all along.

The only direction that changes is from death to Life, and it is but a simple choice to be made which changes the direction - to live eternal life and let death pass away. And in the moment that decision is made, you instantly stop dying and begin to live.

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~

*Context used from the original quote found in ACIM: “Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

The Way God Shows Up

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

 The Way God Shows Up
By Eve Care

God always knows what you need....

When I start my day, I have a certain way of navigating the "current" (PRESENT) flow that allows for divine alchemy to outpicture in a natural stream of accomplishment. As I move from one activity (not "TASK") to the next, I feel the energy of the current becoming more rhythmic and harmonious...I begin to notice I AM in a rhythm; the rhythm is the current or the pulsing of the current - the motion of the current - and I AM directing it through my physical form and other bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual). When I stay in this flow, I notice a sound emanating from me - it's a tone called JOY. Happiness is only temporary; it cannot be sustained for long intervals. This is because everyone is looking for real joy, yet one cannot attain real joy from a lower self way of life.

The difference is - Divine Plan = Victorious Accomplishment because It is SIMPLE and it is also WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO and this brings you GREAT JOY because you are accomplishing EXACTLY WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO. This guarantees fulfillment on ALL levels of being.

The other side is - Happiness (the search for) = living life in the way you've always known it to be with few real perks here and there. In order to be happy from a lower self perspective, it requires special-ness and other worldly ideas like competition. (An excellent article by Anthony Cocco on this topic of “special-ness” can be found on his blogsite here: He pinpoints the subject extremely well and I highly recommend the read!) 

I will address the competitive concept…

Competition constitutes that someone must lose for someone else to win. Now I ask you, what part of God wants to see another part of God lose so that God can win? From a oneness standpoint, it is playing against one's own self - and no happiness can ever come from seeing another "your self" unhappy. This is not victory; this is perpetuating duality consciousness and prolonging the agony of searching for happiness when real joy is ALWAYS right withIN reach.

There can be no competition in oneness, and there is no oneness in competition.

When you want oneness, you will look at your self in a "whole" new way. It is truly the return to wholeness, and everything that you thought was great about competition - and that by winning it constituted that someone did something great, and therefore should be honored for their special-ness, when in truth, anyone can truly do anything given the correct instruction, supportive community and environment.

So how do we begin building a structure of Oneness in the world when there is still so much do great, to be great, to live great? The first step is to acknowledge that it is really God Who is Great, and remember that as part of God, it constitutes your Greatness by Divine Birthright. (Another really good explanation of this "Greatness" is beautifully transmitted by Mighty Elohim Apollo through Iasos here: It had a GREAT impact on me, and I highly encourage you to read it!")

When we acknowledge our own Cosmic Royalty, our own Greatness (also noting it is not our "own" - for there is no separation in God - so it is our own God Presence in Oneness with the Almighty God Presence Whom is the true cosmic royalty, and there is no part of you that is not ONE with all of that Godness!) we begin to re-cognize or remember who we truly are...because that is what that desire to feel special means. It means that our soul already knows we are this amazing greatness, and the lower self is trying to look for it elsewhere besides withIN their own God Presence. When we turn to God for this recognition, we receive it every time, if we are listening deeply in our hearts. When we look outside of our hearts and to others for this acknowledgement, we only see others mirroring that back to us - for everyone else has this desire too. Yet, it is only a matter of turning withIN to discover the greatness you already are.

An example of feeling this greatness and joy wherever you are is feeling relaxed wherever you go. Being able to be present with others, being able to see others as the same God you are. Being able to look into everyone's eyes - NO MATTER WHAT - and say silently, "Hello, God!" This can be easily maintained if you see with the eyes of your God Self - and Live from the space of pure Love in your heart – and allow that Love to radiate to everyone and everything around you – it’s feeling safe everywhere because you know it’s all God and nothing else – and you can embrace ANYONE.

Even if others around you are not expressing this truth, you know that you can still do it, even though if may seem weird or out of place for others to experience it. They may not be ready for what you have to share, but there is a seed being planted just by you being around others who know not the truth of their beings--yet. You can still benefit wherever you are, in helping others to feel relaxed around you - and you do this by taking on the practice of being authentic yourself first.

When you smile at someone, GENUINELY, you are telling them that it is OK wherever they are – that they are OK, in whatever is going on. It’s a message of hope. It’s a sign of faith. It’s a mirror of the heart letting them know that what they see being expressed can be trusted. And this is a really big message being passed around - like heaven passing a smile around – and it’s only ONE smile. Like a hot potato, it gets passed around, for there’s only one, and it must come through each of us – for it's really God's smile, and it's all one big smile. Yet in the many forms of God we have taken on, the smile seems to be many by the perception we hold, yet it passes from one to the next and continuously flows - it is a whole smile through many forms ever-expanding its joy.
Even the smile has it's own purpose to fulfill, and this joy can be felt by others around you and even though they may not seem to be in a good space, they will feel your relaxed demeanor and see your expressive smile and they will feel better, even if it is only very subtle. You may not notice it, but you are making a difference to that person!


Don't be afraid to shine your Light wherever you are - for as ACIM says "Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, and Nothing Unreal Exists. Herein Lies The Peace of God." This Peace, I have come to understand, is the Holy Spirit through each of us, and if we each integrate that Peace withIN ourselves first, then it can make all the difference in what's going on around us. In truth, we will continue to mirror each other until every last little bit of old paradigm is conjured to the surface and resolved or transmuted in some way. And then...we'll all be on the same page.


The tests, trials and tribulations on the path are not easy, and that's because God really wants to know if you're serious about being, well, God! Many of the Great Ascended Host deal with Students and Chelas in a no-nonsense kind of way. But mind you, THEY NEVER CHASTISE ANYONE. They are available - no matter what you think you have or have not done to constitute some punishment that you know perfectly well the real God would never intend to be, so it's really just between you and God when it comes down to it. How much do you want God in your Life, how much do you want to Live God's Laws in your Life, how much do you want to Live your Life as the God Life you truly are?

Consistency, sincerity of heart, perseverance, determination and a willingness to CONTINUALLY surrender are all pertinent to the path and the Key to your own Enlightenment.

Consider the 'current flow' again - and pay attention now to what you're paying attention to. Is it something looking outside for the fulfillment of something that is void inside? Or is it the authentic self being present with these words, knowing that It has already come home?

How current is your rhythm? Are you Living the Vibrant Moment or are you allowing Death to continually pass through you as you repeat the past over and over?

It's easy to find your tune - just come into the moment now and don't have any other thoughts about what's next or what's behind. And in this moment, what is true for you right now?

~*~ I AM HERE ~*~

When you are present and feel the current of your own Presence' river of Light, your Life will flow naturally and will gravitate you toward the next activity to accomplish which constitutes fulfillment. And when this activity is engaged, there is joy for there is no tiring of eternal victory!


~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~

Getting Aligned With Your Presence

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting Aligned With Your Presence
by Eve Care

The ego is still trying to make itself wrong...

The I AM Presence is the clear mirror for the ego to see itself. Why is this? Because the Presence is CLEAR - meaning that It is FREE of all things that are not of Love. So when one is living in the Presence, living their mastery, it is ofttimes well understood that these beings are clear mirrors for others who have yet to awaken or fully awaken to their True Nature or Self.

This causes the ego to see itself in the mirror and react to itself, always trying to blame the mirror for making them wrong; however, the mirror faults them not. The mirror can only reflect what the truth is, and so many times this is misunderstood, and results in perceptions of blame, guilt and sorrow for they have once again proven themselves to be unacceptable or unworthy in the mirror's eyes because of the original erroneous belief in separation. "The belief does everything possible to keep itself alive, for it has been created with the same God-Life energy as Kindly things are."

Until others awaken to their True Nature, their True God-Self, and begin to live in the Light of their own Presence, and discover how to truly live their own mastery, there will be mirrors to reflect that which needs correction, for Saint Germain has said many times that only by correction of the outer, human or lower self is mastery achieved, and there is NO mastery for anyone without conquering it.

What does it mean to fully conquer the lower self? In truth there is no 'killing off' the ego. The lower self, in fact, needs to make a choice - and that choice being willing to look deeply at what's wrong with what they've created in their lives and willingly make a sincere effort to set things right.

How does one begin such an endeavor? By looking withIN yourself and feeling out the situation you find yourself surrounded with, and then asking yourself HOW you got there? Was it the parents' who failed at teaching the child correctly? Was it a mistake that snowballed into a-hundred-and-one more mistakes, resulting in a full avalanche of unfortunate circumstances? Or was it that one thing you never quite recovered from, that you've been trying to escape from ever since? and taking a look around you now, you still don't seem to find yourself healed from that one thing either, or do you?

Life is an opportunity for all of us to grow into the livelihood that is intended for each of us to experience our true nature as God-Beings here on earth (as we are - the I AM - in heaven) to create as One with God expanding Light and Living the Joyful, Harmoniously Loving Freedom that comes with your full birthright of natural powers that constitute your Godlihood. But we can't be living right livelihood if we keep participating with duality consciousness.

We can't be living any right way if we keep refusing to look at what needs to be healed; what needs to be corrected; what needs attention to make the adjustments necessary to live life the way God has intended.

There can be no real, true community in duality consciousness either, for it's always about me or you, and never about each of us as One Being in many bodies, many forms. And when we are in that Oneness, you see how perfectly everything flows - it is the most natural thing in the universe to be in love with all things. For only in that place of love, can the true reality come forth through you and the divine plan be fulfilled. For Love is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of Light.

We are the ones we have been waiting for to light up the world - we each do that by living in our Presence and fulfilling our divine plan by living our mastery - and that means we need to get to work to do it.

Now what exactly is this "work" that everyone keeps talking about that must be done in order to fulfill the Great Divine Plan God has in store for each of His children?

In truth, there is no real "work" involved. The word "work" has associations with feelings of obligation, and as such, connotes the fact that so much of the "work" in the world is unnecessary. And in fact, THIS IS THE TRUTH.

Work, in the outer world as we know it, is labor which constitutes servitude to support someone else's dream or desire, while it only affords you a piece of your own comfort in the outer world, until your divine plan shows up, and that comfort is quite temporary. There is no real security in the outer world, and this is because the outer world has nothing of itself. It is ALL animated with the energy of God.


This is also why it is necessary to take all the importance out of money - and feeling that it is going to keep you secure. In truth, money cannot provide you with eternal life; only God can.

The flame in your heart is eternal because it is part of the God flame. As such, that flame of the God Presence in you, is the SAME energy of the God-Flame that created all systems of worlds and brought all substance into form.

The I AM that I AM, is That Same I AM!

When we begin to acknowledge this, we begin to see that Life is actually on our side, and that we have been all but duped by the outer world's belief systems which have caused us to step away from our true purpose and meaning of Life, and put our divine plan on the backburner to engage in serving the unreal. In a way, it can be likened to turning down the Kingdom of Paradise for a granule of sand.

Consider the things that would need to occur for you to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven withIN your heart and begin living in your Presence and Mastery? It would require a sincere effort, a willingness to be consistent and a harmonious attitude and feeling toward things.

Now, instead of considering these things as "work," consider them as things that "must be done."

If you "work" for others - finding this temporary status of life acceptable - when all you get is a paycheck that is only temporary and does not grant you eternal life, and does not enable you to accomplish what you truly came here to accomplish, then why would things that "must be done" in order to merit the Eternal Life as the true God-Being you are pale in comparison to the "work" that you would normally do for someone else in the material world?

It can be said that no one truly "gains" anything of real value at the end of the road but an end to a precious life that could have lived as a fully Self-Luminous Being of Youth and Mastery.

Would you really forfeit the Kingdom of Heaven - Living as a true God Being with Eternal Life - for the experience of death?

Now that's a REAL choice to be made!

Jesus has said that the things He has done, we will do, and greater, for man can and MUST do these things. We are now in the age of MUST. The things that must be done we must do now if we desire to step into the truth of who we really are and be whole again, and allow the Divine Plan to be fulfilled through the Oneness we all are.

It’s not a difficult choice: Life or death. We make that choice every time we learn the truth about something. We either embrace it or run from it, but sooner or later we discover we cannot hide from God, for God is the One who we all are who we are trying to hide from. There is no punishment in God; we are the only ones who can decide that there is something “owed” for behaving a certain way. The truth is that it is God Who is being acted with – as One, or against – in duality consciousness.

The only forgiveness you need is between yourself and God. When you realize that God has always been there for you, and has never ceased loving you, and that there really isn’t anything to forgive, in that moment you are experiencing Oneness with God. And you can’t hide in Oneness! And there’s no reason to, anymore, anyway, when Love prevails over everything else. This is your true nature as a God-Being.

When you see that everyone else has the same God energy within them as you do, then you begin to awaken to the experience of Self-Realization. It is not possible for one to live in anything less than JOY when this knowing is anchored in one’s consciousness and is present all the time. This is what mastering energy leads to!

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~

Your Changes 4 Success

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Your Changes 4 Success

Anthony Cocco of "Your Changes 4 Success" Blogsite is a talented author and speaker who offers progressive revelation through his articles in dealing with every day situations utilizing his experience through his own Path of Light and Acceleration with A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

Join Anthony Cocco and myself Live on the radio
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We will be talking about spiritual awakening, realizing the ‘I Am Presence’, working with the Ascended Masters and Angels, A Course in Miracles and offering practices and solutions to successfully navigate the pathway of awakening and Ascension.

Anthony lives and works in South Wales, United Kingdom, and has been working with A Course In Miracles (ACIM) which has greatly accelerated his awakening, and holds ACIM Self-Help and Study Groups locally in his area. He will be offering his experience mainly through ACIM to help successfully navigate the barriers and hurdles that hold many back. His websites are:

I live and work in and from Mount Shasta, California and have been working with the Ascended Masters and Angels for many years. I have many practical tools to share, assist and maintain your progress to self realization and working with the Masters and Angels. My websites are:

Together we will build a ‘Rainbow Bridge’ for anyone who desires to awaken to a greater more ‘Holistic’ life and experience freedom, satisfaction and the fulfillment of the Soul promise.

If this resonates with you, please feel free to join us!