Getting Aligned With Your Presence

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting Aligned With Your Presence
by Eve Care

The ego is still trying to make itself wrong...

The I AM Presence is the clear mirror for the ego to see itself. Why is this? Because the Presence is CLEAR - meaning that It is FREE of all things that are not of Love. So when one is living in the Presence, living their mastery, it is ofttimes well understood that these beings are clear mirrors for others who have yet to awaken or fully awaken to their True Nature or Self.

This causes the ego to see itself in the mirror and react to itself, always trying to blame the mirror for making them wrong; however, the mirror faults them not. The mirror can only reflect what the truth is, and so many times this is misunderstood, and results in perceptions of blame, guilt and sorrow for they have once again proven themselves to be unacceptable or unworthy in the mirror's eyes because of the original erroneous belief in separation. "The belief does everything possible to keep itself alive, for it has been created with the same God-Life energy as Kindly things are."

Until others awaken to their True Nature, their True God-Self, and begin to live in the Light of their own Presence, and discover how to truly live their own mastery, there will be mirrors to reflect that which needs correction, for Saint Germain has said many times that only by correction of the outer, human or lower self is mastery achieved, and there is NO mastery for anyone without conquering it.

What does it mean to fully conquer the lower self? In truth there is no 'killing off' the ego. The lower self, in fact, needs to make a choice - and that choice being willing to look deeply at what's wrong with what they've created in their lives and willingly make a sincere effort to set things right.

How does one begin such an endeavor? By looking withIN yourself and feeling out the situation you find yourself surrounded with, and then asking yourself HOW you got there? Was it the parents' who failed at teaching the child correctly? Was it a mistake that snowballed into a-hundred-and-one more mistakes, resulting in a full avalanche of unfortunate circumstances? Or was it that one thing you never quite recovered from, that you've been trying to escape from ever since? and taking a look around you now, you still don't seem to find yourself healed from that one thing either, or do you?

Life is an opportunity for all of us to grow into the livelihood that is intended for each of us to experience our true nature as God-Beings here on earth (as we are - the I AM - in heaven) to create as One with God expanding Light and Living the Joyful, Harmoniously Loving Freedom that comes with your full birthright of natural powers that constitute your Godlihood. But we can't be living right livelihood if we keep participating with duality consciousness.

We can't be living any right way if we keep refusing to look at what needs to be healed; what needs to be corrected; what needs attention to make the adjustments necessary to live life the way God has intended.

There can be no real, true community in duality consciousness either, for it's always about me or you, and never about each of us as One Being in many bodies, many forms. And when we are in that Oneness, you see how perfectly everything flows - it is the most natural thing in the universe to be in love with all things. For only in that place of love, can the true reality come forth through you and the divine plan be fulfilled. For Love is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of Light.

We are the ones we have been waiting for to light up the world - we each do that by living in our Presence and fulfilling our divine plan by living our mastery - and that means we need to get to work to do it.

Now what exactly is this "work" that everyone keeps talking about that must be done in order to fulfill the Great Divine Plan God has in store for each of His children?

In truth, there is no real "work" involved. The word "work" has associations with feelings of obligation, and as such, connotes the fact that so much of the "work" in the world is unnecessary. And in fact, THIS IS THE TRUTH.

Work, in the outer world as we know it, is labor which constitutes servitude to support someone else's dream or desire, while it only affords you a piece of your own comfort in the outer world, until your divine plan shows up, and that comfort is quite temporary. There is no real security in the outer world, and this is because the outer world has nothing of itself. It is ALL animated with the energy of God.


This is also why it is necessary to take all the importance out of money - and feeling that it is going to keep you secure. In truth, money cannot provide you with eternal life; only God can.

The flame in your heart is eternal because it is part of the God flame. As such, that flame of the God Presence in you, is the SAME energy of the God-Flame that created all systems of worlds and brought all substance into form.

The I AM that I AM, is That Same I AM!

When we begin to acknowledge this, we begin to see that Life is actually on our side, and that we have been all but duped by the outer world's belief systems which have caused us to step away from our true purpose and meaning of Life, and put our divine plan on the backburner to engage in serving the unreal. In a way, it can be likened to turning down the Kingdom of Paradise for a granule of sand.

Consider the things that would need to occur for you to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven withIN your heart and begin living in your Presence and Mastery? It would require a sincere effort, a willingness to be consistent and a harmonious attitude and feeling toward things.

Now, instead of considering these things as "work," consider them as things that "must be done."

If you "work" for others - finding this temporary status of life acceptable - when all you get is a paycheck that is only temporary and does not grant you eternal life, and does not enable you to accomplish what you truly came here to accomplish, then why would things that "must be done" in order to merit the Eternal Life as the true God-Being you are pale in comparison to the "work" that you would normally do for someone else in the material world?

It can be said that no one truly "gains" anything of real value at the end of the road but an end to a precious life that could have lived as a fully Self-Luminous Being of Youth and Mastery.

Would you really forfeit the Kingdom of Heaven - Living as a true God Being with Eternal Life - for the experience of death?

Now that's a REAL choice to be made!

Jesus has said that the things He has done, we will do, and greater, for man can and MUST do these things. We are now in the age of MUST. The things that must be done we must do now if we desire to step into the truth of who we really are and be whole again, and allow the Divine Plan to be fulfilled through the Oneness we all are.

It’s not a difficult choice: Life or death. We make that choice every time we learn the truth about something. We either embrace it or run from it, but sooner or later we discover we cannot hide from God, for God is the One who we all are who we are trying to hide from. There is no punishment in God; we are the only ones who can decide that there is something “owed” for behaving a certain way. The truth is that it is God Who is being acted with – as One, or against – in duality consciousness.

The only forgiveness you need is between yourself and God. When you realize that God has always been there for you, and has never ceased loving you, and that there really isn’t anything to forgive, in that moment you are experiencing Oneness with God. And you can’t hide in Oneness! And there’s no reason to, anymore, anyway, when Love prevails over everything else. This is your true nature as a God-Being.

When you see that everyone else has the same God energy within them as you do, then you begin to awaken to the experience of Self-Realization. It is not possible for one to live in anything less than JOY when this knowing is anchored in one’s consciousness and is present all the time. This is what mastering energy leads to!

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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    Excellent Post!!!

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    Thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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    I love put it in words that it can be understood by many. Thank you from the heart.

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