The Open Door

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
The "Open Door"
By Eve Care

There are some things about becoming who you are which are essential for you to have an understanding of before you really have an inflow of Light coming through and outpouring all of the time.

This is the topic above, the "open door," and I touched on it in the article "Stop Delaying Your Perfect Outpicturing."

There is a perhaps a 4th key, most of the time which goes unnoticed by most, and there are few who have re-cognized it and made an even greater determination as a result of this discovery. I AM one such individual...and I AM sharing what I have learned as a result herein.

The "door," I have discovered - for myself - is that which keeps the heart centered upon the Divine, and allows for the Divine to flow through.

This is done through giving ATTENTION, to the God-Self within, and NOT ALLOWING anything to touch your world that is less than that love. Simple, right? Not quite as easy as it sounds. It does sound simple in the written "view" of it, and in the "understanding" of it, but come down to the "experiencing" of it, well, that's where you will know what tools work for you, which ones don't, and when it's time to UPGRADE them!

You see, if one be steadfast on their Path of Light, one experiences what is ofttimes called "progressive revelation," and if this is consistent, it is because one is consistent in their application of those tools.

Usually however, there always comes a point where an upgrade is required. This doesn't mean that you leave your “basic tools 101” at the door and take on the whole new set. Instead, you move the basics toward the back of the box and put the new ones in front, and use whatever is necessary from the whole box - on an "as-needed" basis.

I have tools I STILL use from 13 years ago! "Bless your heart," was one of my first. "God Bless him/her," is another. I still use both. Sometimes, it is the older tool from the foundational points on your path, so to speak, that pre-determine your new set and what is going to work next. These become segway tools, so they always remain in your "toolbox."

Some, you'll put away and won't be used again for weeks, months, or years, but once in awhile, you may find that some tool you used in the beginning has become invaluable for some kind of situation down the road. That's why all tools have value, because they are all used at some point along the way.

Building a toolset occurs naturally as you begin your work to free yourself from limitations. Unlike other programs where getting free from something requires a standard set...this one will be completely customized...because you are not building a house which you will live in the physical octave; instead it can be likened to building your spiritual mansion - your Temple - this is the YOU in whol(e)ness - that you have come to the house of the Father-Mother-God, and you live there freely - but it takes all the work of desiring to be free, endeavoring to apply all the tools that liberate you and being consistent insodoing that gets you (t)here. (T)here = (truly)here.

How to make these keys successful? You must unlock the 4th key first, I suppose - and that means: SELF-GOVERNANCE over your being and world.

So at first, your application takes on the Light and it starts coming through, but then all of a sudden, you feel pulled out of that nice feeling of being relaxed and peaceful only to become aware of something interrupting your peacefulness around you. Whatever is the interruption, is the vibration that is moving more slowly than the peacefulness you had been experiencing...and there is a reason for this but I won't go into that here. (This will be covered in another article.)

So what needs to happen is you become your own guardian angel - ever-vigilant at the door of your consciousness, making certain that no unwanted visitors are coming around and interrupting your flow of peace, love, joy - the vibrations of Light that keep your "door" open - the "door" of your heart where your God-Self can pour through you. But your God-Self can't get through you if there is a (s)lower rate of vibration there to impede It's progressive movement - the onrush, so to speak, which is the River of Light that knoweth no boundaries or limits.

The reason for this, I will speak about briefly, is that this "door" is either being focused outward or it is in. The "re-turn" of your ATTENTION to your heart and the God-Presence of your being is what keeps that door "open;” and when there are feelings that are not in harmony with that love, the door is temporarily closed - so there can be no onrush of the Light, if the Harmony of the feelings are interrupted.

This goes further to say that the vibration of God-Love does not re-cognize OR ACCEPT anything "less" than Itself-  for it is PERFECT in every way, and knows not anything but that Perfection of Itself. Therefore, when one governs the door to their being, and only allows the Light to flow from the heart outward, one then becomes a blessing to all Life around them. This is constant radiation of upliftment and if it is well-maintained, one can become completely awakened in a very short time.

However, if one is not vigilant - has no "angel on guard" so to speak, ready to pull out whatever tools are available to assist them in their progress and maintaining a harmonious and happy vibration - then one will need to work harder to find out what keeps occurring that pulls them so easily “out” of their harmony.

(An attachment or a momentum on misqualified energy can be the issue, and the right tool for the situation is the thing that is going to assist in that one's liberation from that energy/situation.)

The door, becomes permanently open and the doors, so to speak, "fly right off" when one has completely turned to face the Eternal Sunrise of their  very own Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, and unwaveringly stands in the Light, with the Light, and for the Light, and will never turn back, or "go out" again.

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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