The Way God Shows Up

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

 The Way God Shows Up
By Eve Care

God always knows what you need....

When I start my day, I have a certain way of navigating the "current" (PRESENT) flow that allows for divine alchemy to outpicture in a natural stream of accomplishment. As I move from one activity (not "TASK") to the next, I feel the energy of the current becoming more rhythmic and harmonious...I begin to notice I AM in a rhythm; the rhythm is the current or the pulsing of the current - the motion of the current - and I AM directing it through my physical form and other bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual). When I stay in this flow, I notice a sound emanating from me - it's a tone called JOY. Happiness is only temporary; it cannot be sustained for long intervals. This is because everyone is looking for real joy, yet one cannot attain real joy from a lower self way of life.

The difference is - Divine Plan = Victorious Accomplishment because It is SIMPLE and it is also WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO and this brings you GREAT JOY because you are accomplishing EXACTLY WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO. This guarantees fulfillment on ALL levels of being.

The other side is - Happiness (the search for) = living life in the way you've always known it to be with few real perks here and there. In order to be happy from a lower self perspective, it requires special-ness and other worldly ideas like competition. (An excellent article by Anthony Cocco on this topic of “special-ness” can be found on his blogsite here: He pinpoints the subject extremely well and I highly recommend the read!) 

I will address the competitive concept…

Competition constitutes that someone must lose for someone else to win. Now I ask you, what part of God wants to see another part of God lose so that God can win? From a oneness standpoint, it is playing against one's own self - and no happiness can ever come from seeing another "your self" unhappy. This is not victory; this is perpetuating duality consciousness and prolonging the agony of searching for happiness when real joy is ALWAYS right withIN reach.

There can be no competition in oneness, and there is no oneness in competition.

When you want oneness, you will look at your self in a "whole" new way. It is truly the return to wholeness, and everything that you thought was great about competition - and that by winning it constituted that someone did something great, and therefore should be honored for their special-ness, when in truth, anyone can truly do anything given the correct instruction, supportive community and environment.

So how do we begin building a structure of Oneness in the world when there is still so much do great, to be great, to live great? The first step is to acknowledge that it is really God Who is Great, and remember that as part of God, it constitutes your Greatness by Divine Birthright. (Another really good explanation of this "Greatness" is beautifully transmitted by Mighty Elohim Apollo through Iasos here: It had a GREAT impact on me, and I highly encourage you to read it!")

When we acknowledge our own Cosmic Royalty, our own Greatness (also noting it is not our "own" - for there is no separation in God - so it is our own God Presence in Oneness with the Almighty God Presence Whom is the true cosmic royalty, and there is no part of you that is not ONE with all of that Godness!) we begin to re-cognize or remember who we truly are...because that is what that desire to feel special means. It means that our soul already knows we are this amazing greatness, and the lower self is trying to look for it elsewhere besides withIN their own God Presence. When we turn to God for this recognition, we receive it every time, if we are listening deeply in our hearts. When we look outside of our hearts and to others for this acknowledgement, we only see others mirroring that back to us - for everyone else has this desire too. Yet, it is only a matter of turning withIN to discover the greatness you already are.

An example of feeling this greatness and joy wherever you are is feeling relaxed wherever you go. Being able to be present with others, being able to see others as the same God you are. Being able to look into everyone's eyes - NO MATTER WHAT - and say silently, "Hello, God!" This can be easily maintained if you see with the eyes of your God Self - and Live from the space of pure Love in your heart – and allow that Love to radiate to everyone and everything around you – it’s feeling safe everywhere because you know it’s all God and nothing else – and you can embrace ANYONE.

Even if others around you are not expressing this truth, you know that you can still do it, even though if may seem weird or out of place for others to experience it. They may not be ready for what you have to share, but there is a seed being planted just by you being around others who know not the truth of their beings--yet. You can still benefit wherever you are, in helping others to feel relaxed around you - and you do this by taking on the practice of being authentic yourself first.

When you smile at someone, GENUINELY, you are telling them that it is OK wherever they are – that they are OK, in whatever is going on. It’s a message of hope. It’s a sign of faith. It’s a mirror of the heart letting them know that what they see being expressed can be trusted. And this is a really big message being passed around - like heaven passing a smile around – and it’s only ONE smile. Like a hot potato, it gets passed around, for there’s only one, and it must come through each of us – for it's really God's smile, and it's all one big smile. Yet in the many forms of God we have taken on, the smile seems to be many by the perception we hold, yet it passes from one to the next and continuously flows - it is a whole smile through many forms ever-expanding its joy.
Even the smile has it's own purpose to fulfill, and this joy can be felt by others around you and even though they may not seem to be in a good space, they will feel your relaxed demeanor and see your expressive smile and they will feel better, even if it is only very subtle. You may not notice it, but you are making a difference to that person!


Don't be afraid to shine your Light wherever you are - for as ACIM says "Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, and Nothing Unreal Exists. Herein Lies The Peace of God." This Peace, I have come to understand, is the Holy Spirit through each of us, and if we each integrate that Peace withIN ourselves first, then it can make all the difference in what's going on around us. In truth, we will continue to mirror each other until every last little bit of old paradigm is conjured to the surface and resolved or transmuted in some way. And then...we'll all be on the same page.


The tests, trials and tribulations on the path are not easy, and that's because God really wants to know if you're serious about being, well, God! Many of the Great Ascended Host deal with Students and Chelas in a no-nonsense kind of way. But mind you, THEY NEVER CHASTISE ANYONE. They are available - no matter what you think you have or have not done to constitute some punishment that you know perfectly well the real God would never intend to be, so it's really just between you and God when it comes down to it. How much do you want God in your Life, how much do you want to Live God's Laws in your Life, how much do you want to Live your Life as the God Life you truly are?

Consistency, sincerity of heart, perseverance, determination and a willingness to CONTINUALLY surrender are all pertinent to the path and the Key to your own Enlightenment.

Consider the 'current flow' again - and pay attention now to what you're paying attention to. Is it something looking outside for the fulfillment of something that is void inside? Or is it the authentic self being present with these words, knowing that It has already come home?

How current is your rhythm? Are you Living the Vibrant Moment or are you allowing Death to continually pass through you as you repeat the past over and over?

It's easy to find your tune - just come into the moment now and don't have any other thoughts about what's next or what's behind. And in this moment, what is true for you right now?

~*~ I AM HERE ~*~

When you are present and feel the current of your own Presence' river of Light, your Life will flow naturally and will gravitate you toward the next activity to accomplish which constitutes fulfillment. And when this activity is engaged, there is joy for there is no tiring of eternal victory!


~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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