Stop Delaying Your Perfect Outpicturing

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stop Delaying Your Perfect Outpicturing
By Eve Care

Often I awaken with words from the “Presence” speaking as I come into my flesh form once again...and today, It speaks on this topic:

Beloved Saint Germain has a Teaching in volume 4 of the "I AM" Discourses” which applies to the Music of the Spheres, and it relates to delaying progress by adhering to old, conventional methods of doing things.

This Teaching, He has shown me, not only applies to Music, but applies to EVERYTHING you can imagine.

Mankind (not referring the “male” portion of the humanity, but rather “manifested kind” which is the term used to describe who we are as far as Living Beings Created by God…we are manifest in form, as form, by God, as God…as such, I use the word “mankind” in this way referring to all men, women and children on the planet.) mimics what has been done; not much shows up these days which is original. Yet, God has UNLIMITED ideas and it is unfathomable that if one were to just be still, and forget everything they knew about how to do something they had a desire to do or produce or bring forth, it would come through so easily and thence it would be the beginning of that one's Perfect Outpicturing - and that means their own Divine Plan coming forth through them, without being encumbered by the old ideologies of the "how" - for within every idea is the seed and the plan for how it is to evolve---naturally.

When I say naturally, I'm talking about your true nature--Love--the Presence within you that is only that Love--has ALL the "how to's" already within it! All YOU have to do is "tune in" to that God-Desire within your heart.

What does God want to produce - or express - through you? A way of expressing is producing something - creating something - that has never been done before - or is already a concept that has been thought of, but never been brought forth in such a way before.

Imagine that the only thing available for a Christmas Tree topper was a star. There would only be lots of stars, and who knows of how many kinds? What would have happened if Christmas Tree toppers were 'limited' to stars, only? Like a belief, that there could only be a star on top of a tree. And what if there was someone who wanted to see an angel glow on top of a tree, instead of a star? At first, it may not go over too well - because all others have already accepted the 'limiting' concept that there could only be stars on top of a tree, and would consider anything else to be inappropriate. Well, that very acceptance of limitation is EXACTLY what delays the progress of the Divine Plan Outpicturing through each one.

One MUST cut themselves FREE of the dogmas of accepted limitations in order to be happy in Life. Each one has to discover their own way to bring forth what is so ardently desiring to express through them. And this begins with letting go of what "seems" to be true, and allowing the self to become still. Then, a communication with one's own higher self - the Christ Self or Higher Mental Body, can ensure. Once this develops, and becomes strong, one can have a direct relationship with their very own "Mighty I AM Presence," and that can ensure that individual that their Divine Plan is guaranteed to succeed.

This develops over time, with trusting yourself, and keeping yourself detached from outer areas of life and others who are still immersed in limitation. And at first, this takes GREAT SINCERE EFFORT, and constancy. There are a few keys to note here: A sincere desire, Consistency of application, and uninterrupted harmony.

Let's take Key #1: Uninterrupted harmony.

This has been something that has challenged my own path ever since day 1 of stepping upon it.

It's not always easy to stay clear emotionally when you have so much around you that is out of balance and not radiating the harmony of love, joy and peace.

So what to do?

The tool that assists Key #1 in unlocking Sustained Harmony in one’s being is: An Application of Light.

What is an Application of Light? For many it can mean many different things. In a nutshell, it means that it is a set of spiritual tools that you use to keep yourself "awake," so to speak, when you have finally realized you are surrounded by limitation and are determined to be FREE of it.

The Desire then is the determination to be free of limiting concepts. And that desire is there because something has "stirred" the soup of the soul and the Divine Spark within has burst forth and wants to move forth with the creation of their own Life and mission - whatever that may be. So one first needs to break free of the way things have been done in order to do so.

Now let's take Key #2: A Sincere Desire.

Without the determination to be free, one will stay in limitation. If one does not have an application, or toolset, that works efficiently to keep one detached from the (s)lower vibrations, one must then ask within what the correct tools are to do so.

Each individual has a custom-built application of Light that will work only for them - there is not a one-size fits-all Christhood application. For yes, this is the WAY that the Ascended Masters point toward - becoming like the Christ - and that means embodying the Christ Consciousness of the Light of God. And further, this means being in ALLOWANCE of the Light of God within you to shine forth, without having questions about whether or not you are doing the right thing, or doing the right thing with the desire you have, correctly. It's about trusting that Light once you discover it, and not allowing anything to get in the way of your path that is going to take you higher into your God-Self.

This, is determination.

The tool then for this key is your Attention. Your attention MUST be fixed upon the Light within you, and not what is going on around you. Thus, you must have something to keep yourself all that is not of that Light.

Once you have Key #1 & Key #2 in place, then we go to Key #3: Constancy.

Constancy of application is a MUST if you are to be truly FREE from all (s)lower vibrations and raise yourself into the God-Self you truly are. This means, re-turning to your true nature which is LOVE. When you make a re-turn, you are doing two things:

There is a "door" within your heart, which you use your ATTENTION to navigate what is correct and incorrect for you to do. When your ATTENTION is focused on "outer" things (ie: tv, radio, internet sites, books, music, going out here and there to many events...and many other things that try to "draw" your attention to outer activities) then you are facing "out" from your heart and going here and there and doing this and that, without ever really paying attention to what is important within your heart. Ok, you may be listening to it, but if you are not implicitly following Its' own innate wisdom, then there is no constancy of being steadfast on your path, which means, you will not produce the results you are looking for if you keep looping in the same things that have not gotten you anywhere before.

One needs to STOP all activity and get VERY STILL before one can really know what their heart is saying. And it is difficult to hear the heart speak if there is constant activity of the body going here and there and doing this and that, never getting still enough to allow the Presence of their God-Self come forth and give them what is the truth for their Life's Plan, and the "downloads" that naturally come along with that Plan. If one were to, have the desire to be free, make the effort to become very still, and then apply the tools that one is guided to use, relying on NO OTHER than their own God-Presence to do so, and then being CONSTANT in this application of those tools, well, one would be able to free themselves successfully in a relatively short amount of time, depending on how much of a momentum they build with their Light.

Then what happens? The result: You begin to feel different; freer, and more at ease. Things around you take on a more appreciative vibration, because you find yourself giving more gratitude for what God has already provided.

Each one of us is creating from their God-Self, whether one is consciously aware of it or not. We are each the QUALIFIER of that energy we create with every given moment – that energy being God-Substance Light Energy. So those qualities that something is created with will determine their value - was it created with love, or ....? You instantly know when something feels lovely or has a (s)lower vibration and doesn't feel as lovely. That is because it is affected by the qualities it is created with, and also by the energies of what is around it.

If everyone were creating with love, and everyone around everything in place were loving all the time, there would never be any feeling less than love all the time - and I'm talking about God-Love. 

There are so many more things I could speak on here; it's a major topic...but you have enough "fruit" from this Tree of Life for now, so happy sprouting! 

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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