Embracing Surrender

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embracing Surrender
By Eve Care

What does surrender look like?

It is the woman who drives home from a long day of work, and passes by a beautiful mountain, lake, meadow or park, on her way. Today she suddenly feels a draw to pull over and go into the meadow and sit for awhile, or walk in the park, or gaze up at the mountain, and sit in awe while watching the sunset for awhile.

This, is a giving into nature - the draw of what is real from what is unreal around us - to the Divine that is the Life Force permeating this earth and all things within it, through it and around it. By doing this, she becomes transformed in that moment, for she is connected with a part of the Divine that has been trying to get her attention as a way to come through as inspiration which leads to a greater sense of well-being, and in that seed of inspiration contains the plans and all the how-to’s to bring forth that inspiration and make it a tangible reality.


It is the man who stops on his lunch break while eating at the office again to notice the photos of his family on his desk and suddenly a feeling comes over him to call home and perhaps take the afternoon off and take his family to the lake or out to dinner, or to cook an early dinner with his wife and kids and watch a joyful movie together.

This, is an opportunity to embrace the moment with what is most meaningful in one's life, and discovers that as this is paid attention to, relationships grow stronger and are more thriving.


It is the person who loves to walk to work and is always on time, when one day there is an elderly woman crossing the street and the person walking sees the light is about turn and she is not all the way across. A feeling sweeps over the person to put their hand up and go to the woman and help her finish walking across the street while holding the traffic at bay, while never giving a second thought about being on time or how this will affect their schedule for the day.

This is where surrender and Divine Will meet. It is the loving will of the divine that comes forth and says "I Will assist this person and care for their well-being right now." This is a feeling that is so strong coming forth through someone in the moment that it cannot be ignored... it's a "take charge" feeling where you know you're the only one available who can move into action at a particular moment and help another person in that moment. The feeling is a forceful sense of Will, Strength, Courage and Power combined that generates the feeling that the statement 'YES! I CAN DO THAT AND I WILL DO THAT RIGHT NOW!" is what follows that feeling.


It is the artist who stops thinking about what they are going to paint next, and or what they want to do with their art, and takes the day off to be still in a peaceful setting and tunes into their heart to discover what is waiting to come forth within them, and stops all thinking about it in order for true inspiration to emerge.

This is the feeling that one has when one is accustomed to doing a certain type of work - writing, painting, drawing, singing - whatever artistic or creative type of work that one is doing has been continuous for awhile and now all of a sudden there is no inspiration. This type of surrender is allowing it to be OK that all of a sudden there is nothing there moving them to be creative.

This is another opportunity - to realize that whatever has been coming through may be complete, and something new is about to emerge to be created, yet one must get still with whatever it is that is about to come through, and be either in nature or somewhere that it is appropriate for them to meditate for awhile, and just be. Be: grateful for what has come forth, be willing to let go of it and be open to receiving what is new, what is about to come forth.


It is the lawyer who puts down his or her briefcase and becomes a heart-centered life coach because they feel more instrumental in someone's life as a result - and also feel more fulfilled because of the rewarding feeling that comes from helping others authentically from the heart and not the mind to a better place.

Here is another example of surrender meets Divine Will. The surrender to leaving a profession that is no longer fulfilling, to having the strength, courage and power to change and go to one that is fulfilling, but in ways one could not foresee had they not surrendered it first.


Surrender is important because it takes us from a place in life that we thought was real, and uplifts us to a higher level of being, if we allow it.

As such, there are many types of surrender. Some have been mentioned above. There is instant surrender, when a sudden feeling comes over you or sweeps through you in a sort of a "gush" and compels you to do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do, but in that moment, you "surrender" to the feeling because it is an overwhelming feeling that compels you to stop whatever it is you are doing and pay attention to something that is more important than the ordinary routine you may find yourself in.

Another type of surrender is to a way of life. This entails leaving a job for another profession that one may feel drawn to do, and the feeling to do that profession is so profound and overwhelming that it begins to feel very uncomfortable to be in the same position any longer, and the feeling to change positions becomes so strong that it feels like there is no other choice to make; the feeling is almost as if the decision has already been made on some level of one's being and all one needs to do is follow the feeling of what is coming forth, as long as it is true within their heart and the desire is there to move forward with it, then they will be successful.


What does it feel like to surrender?

It is when the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power...it is when the desire to be One overrides the desire to be apart any longer...it is when the human will recognizes its true Love because it has allowed itself to be embraced by the Divine Love. Thus, True Surrender is the allowance - the desire for the true Love to Live within and then proceeds to express this true Love through its vehicles of energy, substance and form.

Surrender is something that happens when the human will meets the Divine Will, and because of its desire to be whole again, graciously allows itself to melt into one with the Divine Will, which is exactly what the Divine Will desires ~ that Oneness with all Its parts and aspects - for It, too, feels a greater expansion of wholeness as the human will and the Divine Will dance in oneness once again, for therein that oneness lies the opportunity to expand further....this merging is an expansion in itself, for as one plus one = 2 (the expansion) the two become One in the merging and expand as a whole rather than 2 individual parts. Thus, one + one = ONE.

Embracing Surrender

Surrender is not easy for a strong human will to embrace, for it struggles against the merging of itself out of fear that it will lose its identity; and in truth, it actually gains the truth in that it discovers its very own God self aspect when it surrenders.

To embrace surrender is to acknowledge that what is there is trying to hold on and that the Divine Will has become so strong within the individual that It no longer struggles against itself to keep the illusion of separation alive; it completely beholds the ideal of its greater self in Oneness and understands what it means to give up of its activity; for it knows not that it is God, yet. With this understanding, it can be said that the human will must admit with deepest humility of heart that it has nothing of its own...and this is the most difficult thing to embrace, if one is not ready to see the truth.

When one is ready to see this, it will be a graceful surrender, for only then can Oneness truly be achieved. When Oneness prevails, it is because the activity of separation is found to be no longer serving in the individual's life, being and world, and desires something greater to come forth - it desires to be more than what it is, and discovers that it can no longer get there on its own steam, for it recognizes that its "steam" comes from the Divine...the Force of Energy that is the cause for all Life to be. And this Divine Life Energy is what desires more of Itself to expand and grow throughout the Cosmos, to create more systems of worlds, to expand Its consciousness, Its Love, Its Joy, and express these and countless Divine Qualities in true Freedom in the Universe and beyond.

When you embrace surrender, you find yourself and your life instantly transformed by the Power of the Oneness of All That Is.

Eternal Surrender

Eternal Surrender happens when one desires to be in this Oneness with God all the time, and does not allow the vehicles of their being - energy, substance and form - to be pulled down by a denser vibration or (s)lower energies. In this vibration, only the Light is recognized and nothing else is paid attention to any longer. This is the way that leads to the perfect outpicturing of the Light Body or Higher Self through the energy, substance and form of that being.

When one makes a decree for something, the call for whatever the decree states is always answered - so if you call for eternal perfection to reign supreme in your being in world, then you will be required to surrender to what is necessary for you to attain that which you are calling for! However, decrees and affirmations work only when you accept what you are calling for into your being and world.

For example, if you call for better health, but you are not ready to listen to what you need to change in order to have better health, then chances are you will continue the pattern until you are willing to listen (from within) to what changes need to take place, and trust also that the information flowing from within you is correct and to move forward with that information in order to see those changes take effect.

Eternal surrender means living in the frequency of true love all the time, and not accepting anything less. It is the recognition that this oneness with God is what is most important and the intention to be that frequency and then share it with others so that they too may know this oneness. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan, one individual surrendering at a time.

What are you eternally surrendered to?

~*~ Copyright 2013 Eve Care. All Rights Reserved. ~*~


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